All businesses must become digital businesses to thrive in the economies of the future.

Blu-Cloud is a leader in designing and implementing digital solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. We help to power your business growth.

Our team of experienced consultants will assist you in assessing your current environment. Together will then design your SharePoint and Office 365 road map to the digital future. Our bespoke approach to digital strategy and solutions has been the foundation of our success over the last 10 years. We help organisations of all sizes reduce inefficiencies and costs and to become more competitive.

We are your SharePoint partner, never just your technology provider

Blu-Cloud understand that the success of your organisation is critical. That’s why we work to optimise that success. Other companies begin with a solution and work backwards, trying to sell you on features that may or may not align with your business needs. Not us. Blu-Cloud solutions are defined and developed by starting with your business needs. Now that’s a true partnership!

If you have an Office 365 problem, we have the answer!

Tired of unresponsive or under-qualified service providers who finish jobs beyond budget and past deadlines? At Blu-Cloud, we understand how difficult it is to find the right partner. We will work as part of your business to tailor the Office 365 suite of services to what is exactly right for your company. Don’t waste valuable time and money on partners who can’t deliver on promises or won’t listen. Contact us today to get your business on track with people who understand digital business solutions.

Recent News

SharePoint Starter Kit

Microsoft have recently announced the availability of a new SharePoint Starter Kit open-source project, which can be used to demonstrate possibilities with the communications sites and group associate team sites in Office 365.

Case Reference

Blu-Bench were chosen to redesign and configure a SharePoint 2010 platform for this NHS IT services provider.

This provider was faced with a need to supply SharePoint 2010 services to its customers, the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSU). There was an understanding that the number of CCGs and CSU customers coming on board would grow and the provider was unsure that the existing platform and configuration was adequate. Along with this they wanted to adhere to Microsoft best practises when implementing and configuring SharePoint and make use of some of the Enterprise Business Intelligence functionality.

Blu-Bench were asked to run workshops gathering requirements and information across a number of different areas including Network Design, Infrastructure Governance, Business Intelligence and Multi-tenancy.

NHS – Outer North East London CSU

NHS | Logo 500x500

Our customer, a well know European Construction Company, had an existing Office SharePoint Server 2007 Intranet solution that was deployed by a previous SharePoint Partner in 2008.

After purchasing a new Health & Safety system, based on InfoPath Forms Services (SharePoint Server 2010) and board approval for a new more inclusive, interactive and social media IT strategy, it was time for a technology refresh to the latest version, SharePoint Server 2013.

Having parted from their previous SharePoint Partner they were looking for a new SharePoint Partner that could provide end-to-end SharePoint Solutions and Services and that had an attention to detail, a willingness to go the extra mile and provide first class customer service.

They decided to choose Blu-Bench after we completed an initial SharePoint Health Check engagement and demonstrated why ‘We Love SharePoint’ and why we are the best SharePoint practice in the UK.

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