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Blu-Bench 2.0 | Services | SharePoint | We Love SharePoint

Blu-Cloud is one of the UK’s premier Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 Services practices and has extensive SharePoint expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic Consulting (Informa​tion Management Consulting​ and Planning).
  • Design & Architecture of SharePoint infrastructure and solutions.
  • SharePoint Governance Framework.​
  • SharePoint features and component development. We are an Independent Software Developer (ISV) of SharePoint components.
  • Document Management Strategy and Planning. This relates both SharePoint document management and migration from/to and co-existence with 3rd party EDRMS solutions.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – using Microsoft SharePoint products.
  • Web Development – Implementing web design elements to SharePoint through​ feature deployments.
  • Custom SharePoint User and Administrator Training.
  • SharePoint Support Services (3rd level and break-fix).
  • Implementation of Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

As a Microsoft Partner, Blu-Cloud has established itself as a leading provider of SharePoint solutions. Our close relationship with Microsoft enables us to architect solutions for customers that are strategically aligned to Microsoft’s direction and follow Microsoft best practice. Blu-Cloud builds SharePoint solutions to enable IT Operations to segregate their change management to conform to ITIL standards. Our solution packaging allows deployment between Dev > Test > Prod to be managed by operations staff.

SharePoint Services

  • SharePoint Advisory
  • SharePoint Resources​​
  • SharePoint Managed Services and Support
  • SharePoint Governance Framework
  • SharePoint Health A​​ssessment
  • SharePoint Training​

SharePoint Solutions

Blu-Cloud has a proven approach that outlines the end-to-end process for SharePoint development proj​ects. The following model covers our SharePoint project phases; within these phases we have additional methodologies.

These high-level phases are:

  • Discovery Phase (includes analysis)
  • Design Phase (includes design and an element of prototyping)
  • Development (building the solution, testing)
  • Deploy (UAT, commissioning and training)
  • Sustain (sustained engineering)

Blu-Cloud has an extensive SharePoint product development team. This team supports o​​ur online SharePoint “applications or apps” business; these applications can be purchased online.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​