Blu-Bench 2.0 | Solutions | Forms and Workflow | We Love SharePoint
Blu-Bench 2.0 | Solutions | Forms and Workflow | We Love SharePoint

Blu-Cloud’s proven approach to providing a fit for purpose solution to forms and workflow allow us to add value to your business. Blu-Cloud has successfully developed and implemented some of the UK’s largest forms and workflow projects, across Government, Private and not for profit sectors. Some of our Form and Workflow Technologies include:

  • Blu-Approval Workflow
  • Nintex Forms and Workflow
  • Bespoke WF Workflow Development
  • SharePoint Workflows
  • .MVC Bespoke forms development


Blu-Cloud is a trusted Nintex partner and together with Nintex, have delivered numerous successful workflow and forms projects.
Nintex provides technology that is powerful, easy to use, easy to manage, connected to systems, and addresses the needs of business users, developers, and IT professionals alike. That means a lot more autonomy, flexibility, and agility to improve processes, from the most simple and ad-hoc to the most mission-critical.
The 2013 generation of Nintex products will empower organisations to extend business process automation to more people, places and devices, continuing the Nintex vision of delivering ‘Workflow For Everyone’. Nintex is reimagining workflow and work management through substantial investments in mobile, social, and cloud computing. You can extend workflow to the mobile workforce, use social tools to reinvent business processes, and support cloud-hosted services and scenarios.​